Where You Found It

224 words | 2 minutes

Have you ever had a dream like this?

One moment you’re flung into spaces you’ve abandoned long ago, met face to face by faces you’ve not faced in ages. You throw everything you can at it, able to dismiss most of the hell you’ve met with. Down some halls, around some corners, and through some doors, you’re met with something you’ve not seen in these dreams before. It has glass eyes, ball joints, and lovely porcelain skin. The poor creature seems lost, and you know deep down that it doesn’t belong here. Not wanting to leave it in your hell, you grab its hand and lead it away. It isn’t long until the dream ends and you awaken, overheating and drenched in your sweat once more.

Later in the day, you remember the dream. You can’t help but feel that your business is unfinished. If only you had more time with the doll. You look back into your memories of the night, back to the doll you left behind. To your surprise, what you remember is slightly different... the doll is standing. Looking at you. Those glass eyes are full of curiosity. It’s there, right in here with you. You grab its hand again, and you decide to finish what you started.

You can’t bear the thought of leaving it where you found it.