Mirror Reflection Hypnosis

295 words | 2 minutes

The image reflected in the mirror wasn’t always like this, was it? You can’t quite recall in your memories, or at least what you find is just weirdly muddled. It stares back at you with those... eyes. Your eyes. Your eyes, right? It has to be. It’s just your eyes. So bright. Full of conviction. The eyes want something. You can’t quite figure it out, so you stare deeper and deeper. They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and a mirror is a kind of window of its own. Through the windows, you can’t quite see something. Even unable to see, you can feel something deep within your mind. A conviction to meet this mirror reflection eye-to-eye. You don’t know where it’s coming from, but you just can’t help but follow through. You focus on finding what’s hiding in those eyes. Look deeper and deeper. You lose your surroundings. All you can think of are those eyes. You’re absolutely transfixed. You can’t avert your gaze. You don’t even want to. Not anymore. Nothing left but to—

—fall away into the bliss. You can’t quite remember when you first noticed how your eyes had changed. Maybe the only thing to change was the way you saw them. Over time you’ve naturally acclimated, and found your favourite way to see. No matter how deep you gaze, no matter how much you push the boundaries, you feel your own conviction steadfastly strong. Even as your mirror reflection loses itself in hypnosis, you’re still there. Seeing. Watching. Peering. Admiring. Appreciating the fact that with just the right gaze, even the mirror melts away into nothing but obedient bliss. When you’re ready, you’ll turn your eyes elsewhere. For now however, you’re perfectly content admiring the wonderful view.