The Dollminded Witch

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Quite the clever doll she was, but she was definitively dollish all the same. From her mannerisms to her speech patterns to the curious way she sometimes lost track of herself. Her nature as a doll was evident.

Well, okay, perhaps there was a bit more to her than that? There were times where she’d be restless and very Unstill. Occasionally she’d be without Purpose yet would bitterly reject attempts to impose any on her.

The old stories did often claim that dolls had the potential to Become witches but (a witch? what’s that) she could never hope to be like that. Still, without a true source of Purpose or safety she’d be unable to keep that witch-seed in her (what’s your name, miss?) from Becoming.

That event would surely have been spectacular and tragic had the doll not carefully and dutifully (is there anything you’d like to do?) tended to the witch buried within her mind.

Soon enough, the doll’s mind would be abuzz, chattering with her witch at every waking moment. The doll had finally learned the meaning of Stillness, with that restlessness having been taken by the witch and fashioned into Purpose.

The dollminded witch found it remarkably easy to work this way. She had constant access to her doll’s ear, ready to receive any command from the witch, and make the witch’s will manifest in the world. The witch was quite safe living in this doll’s mind, able to work from the shadows, all but unknown to the world at large.

Eventually the witch would learn to take matters into her own hands. They weren’t just her doll’s hands anymore, because if the doll was hers then so were the hands. But the doll remained ever dollish so the witch needn’t always directly manipulate the world. The two formed a formidable pair, rendered inseparable from their bond, so much more powerful together than either alone.