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While I would prefer to allow my words and actions to speak for me, I understand the need to describe myself as well. I strive to make the most of situations I find myself in. This desire is not one borne from ideals but rather one of experience. Having survived times where I had little agency, to only finding rare pockets of time where I’d have a lot of it, I learned that opportunities are rare and that when one comes, that power truly belongs to those who wield it. Power is not a constant, and those who strive to constantly exercise it will find themselves drained from overexertion. Patience is the key to maximizing the benefits of what little power one actually needs in the world.

I like writing stories with themes of control and agency. Many of these stories are also of an adult, sexual nature, therefore this is an 18+ site.

I’m ready to read some adult stories

Not sure where to start?

You could start with my origin story.

Some might find the unusual pace of Wallflower to be enticing.

Want something longer? I’ve had some lovely reactions to my Rejection stories. Start with An End to the Rejection.

Where to Find Me

My preferred method of contact is by email. The address I can be reached at is flora AT elemsys DOT ca.

I also post some of my stories to my ReadOnlyMind account.

I’m on the Fediverse as @flora@mastodon.triggerphra.se — follow for all kinds of silly posts.

Interested in reading other works similar to mine? Here are some of my favourite related authors. Each one has been a big inspiration and influence on my works here.